Onism Productions was founded in rural England in 2020 with the purpose of helping to manifest unique and worthwhile music to the world, and with the belief that art is the principal reason for being.

We aim to encapsulate any music that comes from places beyond and within; that of the unusual or unreal, and with a penchant for nature, the dark and obscure. Whilst we often find these qualities in familiar genres rooted in black metal and neo-folk; we expect and indeed strive to find them anywhere. And so, of particular interest are those that blur the borders and reveal new paths.

We believe in quality over quantity, and seek to give releases the attention and promotion they deserve. Whilst we are underground and independent, we wish to impose no limits on our artists and place utmost importance on openness and honesty between all involved.


Botgörelsen - Att Kuva det Upproriska Köttet

Botgörelsen - Att Kuva det Upproriska Köttet

Depressive avantgarde black metal
For fans of Shining, Leviathan, Armagedda, Grey Aura.

Onism Productions proudly presents "Att Kuva det Upproriska Köttet", the debut album of one-man Swedish black metal project Botgörelsen.

Originally unveiled by the artist a year ago, we now give physical form to this incredibly creative take on the genre. Combining traditional Scandinavian sounds with more modern depressive and experimental elements, yet bound in a heathen atmosphere, Botgörelsen present a unique and emotive work not to be missed.

"Att Kuva det Upproriska Köttet" is already available in full digitially, with CDs and limited cassette tapes ready for pre-order to arrive this coming summer solstice

IJdelheid - Unholy

IJdelheid - Unholy

Ethereal post-punk-goth-gaze
For fans of Swans, Nick Cave, Current 93, Slowdive & Agnes Obel.

IJdelheid is the solo project of Ruben Wijlacker (Grey Aura). A dark, ethereal and unique trip that takes its own path along the edges of goth, post-punk, neofolk & shoegaze.

Starer - The What It Is To Be

Starer - The What It Is To Be

Progressive black metal
For fans of old Arcturus, Enslaved, Midnight Odyssey, Drudkh.

Onism Productions proudly presents "The What It Is To Be", the second album from American symphonic black metal project Starer.

Progressive riffing and synth-laden passages mix and swirl within traditional black metal atmospheres to create the unique emotional sound that is Starer.

"The What It Is To Be" released on March 18th, on limited edition CD through Onism Productions, limited cassette through Folkvangr Records, and available on all digital channels.

Tugt - Ved Lysets Ophør

Tugt - Ved Lysets Ophør

Dark black metal
For fans of Afsky, Make A Change... Kill Yourself, Lurker of Chalice

Onism Productions proudly presents Tugt, the solo project from Skoggangr of Ildskær, Í Myrkri and Genfærd fame.

"Ved Lysets Ophør" is Tugt's debut album, over 8 years in the making and containing nearly an hour of powerful Danish black metal with a personal and depressive edge. Born from dark and disorderly times, the seven songs each exude their own emotive atmosphere. Diverse anguished screams overlay harsh guitars and pounding drums to create a thick darkness that moves with varying energies and pace. Whilst sometimes treading familiar black metal paths, Tugt is much more of a personal outlet for negativity, one that meanders through the surrounding undergrowth as it needs.

"Ved Lysets Ophør" releases on February 11th, on limited edition CD and all digital channels via Onism Productions, with a cassette edition being simultaneously released by Virkelighedsfjern.

Theomachia - The Theosophist

Theomachia - The Theosophist

Gnostic black metal
For fans of Ulver, Batushka, Sisters of Mercy

Onism Productions, in cooperation with Xenoglossy Productions, are glad to announce "The Theosophist", the debut EP from Italian one man band THEOMACHIA.

Hailing from Rome, the Eternal City, THEOMACHIA is a project born from the mind of their sole member F.M., debuting with a short EP featuring a peculiar style defined as "gnostic black metal". Taking inspiration from Norwegian black metal bands (like early Ulver and Emperor), THEOMACHIA creates hypnotic and mid-tempo songs, with a ceremonial and majestic aura. The EP also features some peculiar clean vocals by F.M. influenced by new wave and post-punk, giving the EP a rather unique sound.

p>Regarding lyrical themes, "The Theosophist" references elements of Greek philosophy (ranging from Socrates to Neoplatonism), revisiting them within a black metal frame and from an individual point of view.

olim - A Mighty Disposition

olim - A Mighty Disposition

Atmospheric post-black metal
For fans of Olhava, Misertus, Trna

Cold and intense atmospheric post-black metal from Canada. Given physical form for the first time with limited edition CDs through Onism Productions and cassette tapes through Folkvangr Records.

Benthik Zone - εἴδωλον

Benthik Zone - εἴδωλον

Exploratory black metal
For fans of Esoctrilihum, Oranssi Pazuzu and Darkspace

“εἴδωλον” establishes a parallel between classical antiquity and contemporaneity by creating a poetic dialogue with various myths, stories speaking about fabulous creatures, humans and gods. It celebrates the beauty of metamorphosis and hybridism, which goes from the human being to the vegetal and animal life but carries the weight of that transition process and its consequences in the bodies of the “εἴδωλον” characters. The latent Romanticism that goes together with the music is immense, within a context in which the subject's sexual impulses, of death and of closing inside the subject's self, take hold of the body and are skin-tight, being music the means through which it is possible to communicate the unconscious and bring to the surface all this inner rampaging. Towards the exoticism of the female body and the bliss granted by these enchanting and enigmatic characters, we welcome the detailed representations that explode into sensuality and promote a state of constant and involuntary ecstasy or narcosis. We cling to a perennial, pure and living energy, to the beauty of enlightenment and concurrently meet these elements with what is sick, frightening and deceiving, a provocation that aims to penetrate the depths of our being and the rubble of a distant submerged past.

Lifelost - Punitive Damnation

Lifelost - Punitive Damnation

Chaotic black metal
For fans of Leviathan, Svartidauði, Altarage

With the second creation to emerge under the Lifelost banner, his solo endeavour, Phlegeton (Wormed, Banished From Inferno etc) has created something more than a simple album. He has fashioned from the darkness an alternative dimension that hangs between the ice-shard eyes of the constellations, cradled in the blackness beyond the reach of human understanding. With each haunting, harrowing hymn that unfurls from the nest of serpents that is Punitive Damnation, the damned geometry of this other world’s tortured architecture gains strength. The visions form around the listener, taking on substance, the cold shadows of the interstellar domain bleeding through the sunlight of our reality. For those of a questing spirit Punitive Damnation can be a portal to glorious nightmares and alien splendour, a Fall into the fire.

Freezing riffs tumble past like showers of stars, while each song displays an essence of primordial chaos – unrestrained, unbeholden to form and physical reality. Phlegeton has breached the wall behind which the dark seas of the void rage for eternity, siphoning a drop of that ineffable other, that force beyond god into Punitive Damnation. Sonic invocations like ‘Miserwolf’ and ‘Time Terror’ will consume you, enthral you and carve open your soul. This is black metal at its most powerful, most imaginative, most unnerving best.

Teitan - Vákuum

Teitan - Vákuum

Progressive black metal
For fans of Ved Buens Ende, Virus, Fleurety

The Dutch one-man black metal project by Devi Hisgen releases a brand new work consisting of five songs. Devi is already known for making experimental music with Cthuluminati and fans can expect something familiar yet very much following its own twisted path. Devi’s time spent writing in lockdowns has resulted in a completely absurd twenty-two minute trip into dark and mind-bending worlds.

With lyrics about dark scientific theories and dissonant melodies, Vákuum is a true ode to the void, a well-articulated piece of abstract art. Although Teitan truly is an entity on its own, the work fits really well into the worlds and works Devi has tied his name to. This concept for avant-garde song writing drew the attention of both Void Wanderer and Onism Productions, and since Teitan was the first band ever to release material on Zwaerdgevegt Records, it was agreed that all three labels will release the EP. Do not expect an easy listening experience, but if you are into bombastic and hypnotizing black metal, you might be in for an ominous treat.

Kamra - Conversing With Ghosts

Kamra - Conversing With Ghosts

Progressive black/death metal
For fans of Mayhem, Svartidauði, Swans

Onism Productions proudly presents "Conversing With Ghosts", the debut EP from mysterious Slovenian black metal project KAMRA.

Drawing influences equally from Norwegian black metal classics, modern death dealers, as well as experimental oddities - Kamra present their own blend of darkness across two complex tracks that challenge perceptions of death. The project was started in isolation to channel creativity in the wake of uncertain times, and the band are already preparing material for a full length album.

Sea Mosquito - Fire, Magic & Venom

Sea Mosquito - Fire, Magic & Venom

Unorthodox black metal
For fans of Deathspell Omega, Blut Aus Nord, Saxophone solos

We present to you the tale of a man overrun by his nightmares, drenched in despair and at the threshold of madness. To protect himself from vile daemons he calls out to benevolent spirits in supplication. Repetitive and trance-like, his words form a chant. A charm against the in-pouring evil.

That imagined chant against destruction became a spark of inspiration to the unorthodox black metal travellers of Sea Mosquito. The spark became a blaze and the blaze became an unpredictable, hypnotic journey through a dark night of the soul; a vivid, visceral experience, abundant with questions and suggestions of transformation. Fire, Magic & Venom is one long, enthralling piece of music that captures that sense of elongated time and yet still manages to finish too soon and leave you searching for a way back into the dream. A glorious saxophone solo summons in the dawn, rising as the most perfect, natural addition to the snakes’ hiss guitars and wandering bass line – its absolute rightness within the breathtakingly powerful black metal that surrounds and precedes it a perfect example of Sea Mosquito’s mastery of sonic sorcery. This band manage to epitomise the creative, rebellious strength of black metal while standing apart from its edicts and the hordes of its practitioners. Few albums can consume a listener like Fire, Magic & Venom and there are no bands that shine with quite the same lustre as Sea Mosquito.

Grey Aura - Zwart Vierkant

Grey Aura - Zwart Vierkant

Progressive black metal
For fans of Laster, Ved Buens Ende, A Forest of Stars

Hailing from Utrecht in The Netherlands, Grey Aura create a liquid form of atmospheric black metal which shifts between forms like quicksilver, flowing over the boundaries of genres, slipping between cracks in the restrictive walls that surround them. Their second album, Zwart Vierkant, is breathtaking in its breadth and independence, dazzling in its ambition and utterly enthralling and all consuming in its complexity of vision. The collision of raging fury and romance within songs like ‘Sierlijke Schaduwmond’ is bewitching, the sweet, smoky jazz of ‘Parijs Is Een Portal’ is, as suggested, a doorway to another time, another world, another reality. The album is bound tightly to a novel written by Grey Aura’s Ruben Wijlacker which tells the story of an early 20th century painter who becomes obsessed with the Russian art movement, Suprematism, which idealises the abstract and rejects traditional artistic concepts. It follows his journey through Europe, his metamorphosis of soul and spirit, his dreams, awakenings, loves and temptations as he reaches out to the ungovernable maelstrom of the void. Each song on Zwart Vierkant is imbued with the sensuality of the tale, rife with its mysteries and laden with its ambiguities and suggestive power. It is an album like no other from a band that reach further, look deeper and explore beyond the limits of imagination.

GAFR - Trilogy of the Gods

GAFR - Trilogy of the Gods

Heroic black metal
For fans of Forefather, Bathory, Myrkgrav

We proudly present GAFR - a one-man heroic black metal entity from England, and one of our favourite discoveries of 2021! Inspired by the likes of Forefather, Bathory and Myrkgrav, GAFR bring uplifting melodies and a heathen spirit back to English black metal.

The three-track EP is available for pre-order now on cassette, limited to 60 hand-numbered copies. Black, grey or white cassettes, clear cases, 4-page J-card inserts with lyrics and printed outer O-card. Releases April 9th.

Phreneticum - Der Stille Zerfall

Phreneticum - Der Stille Zerfall

Traditional black metal
For fans of Sarkrista, Imperium Dekadandz and Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

In conspiracy with Satanath Records, we proudly introduce Phreneticum, a new found force of German black metal!

Winter is the time of darkness, depression and madness. In these dark days, the screams of Leichenfresse and distorted guitar sound of Fluch (Abigorum, Trond, Wulfgar) thunder through the silent night of Großthiemig. Phreneticum, named after the mental illness, is a project from the deepest part of East Germany. The members met in 2015 for the first rehearsals and evolved through several lineups whilst the first recordings were made. These productions continuously developed over time and ultimately shaped the sound of today. Finally, the debut album "Der Stille Zerfall" is ready! Be prepared for 45 minutes of traditional German black metal for fans of Sarkrista, Imperium Dekadandz and Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult.

Artwork by Luciana Nedelea.

Pure - Seeds of Despair

Pure - Seeds of Despair

Raw black metal
For fans of Horna, Sargeist, Judas Iscariot

Onism Productions proudly releases the new album from PURE on cassette tape only! Raw black metal mastery for fans of Horna, Sargeist and Judas Iscariot!

Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Black cassettes, clear cases, 4-page J-card inserts and printed outer O-card.

Thermohaline - Maelström

Thermohaline - Maelström

Experimental black metal
For fans of Druon Antigon, DHG, ...And Oceans

With the surging power of their progressively minded black metal, Thermohaline summon up the secrets of the hidden depths and ride upon the cold winds that rage across the seas. They celebrate the ancient halls beyond the faintest glimpse of light and revel in the terrors that stalk the tales of babbling madmen and old sailors who have long forgotten the feel of earth beneath their feet. Bringing together the exceptional talents of Lennart Janssen (Druon Antigon), Ignacio Elias Rosner (IER, Uroboros) and Nuno Lourenço (Salqiu, 0-NUN) this unique project captures moments of beauty, moments of sanity-shaking fear and the essence of the incredible might of the oceans that encircle our planet. Myths, mystery and overwhelming science collide in an enthralling, consuming, atmospheric creation. Thermohaline preserve the cold heart of black metal whilst crashing against its banks and flooding its many tributaries, dragging strange debris and unexpected treasures back into its chill waters. The results are both stunning and utterly remarkable, a new vision for black metal which the musicians themselves refer to as ‘nautical dementia’. Infused with emotion, rife with melody, yearningly familiar and yet shockingly alien...the waters of the Maelström await you.

Druon Antigon - Desontstijging

Druon Antigon - Desontstijging

Cosmic black metal / Glitch
For fans of Darkspace, Venetian Snares, Mizmor

Both the chilling realisation of humankind’s utter insignificance and the calm acceptance of that truth are explored within the vast scope of Druon Antigon’s debut of cosmic black metal, Desontstijging. From harsh, unflinching diatribes against self deception, to awe filled wanderings amongst the impossible vastness of the celestial bodies and the cold, black eternities that lie between the stars; this is an album like no other. Furious blast beats and riffs of ice break upon steel spikes of electronics, dissipating into visionary soundscapes. Raging, howling vocals tear through endless skies before being slowly frozen into silence and left tumbling through the limitless expanses of space. Far from hopeless, the music of Druon Antigon guides us from delusions of grandeur to the understanding of true possibilities. These songs that balance soul-shredding fear and exhilarating discovery, explore alien extremes and human emotion and walk the hinterlands of both perfect peace and endless war are striving to encompass so much more than we ever stumble across in our blinkered day-to-day existence. Desontstijging is ambitious, challenging, confrontational and also incredibly rewarding.

Epitimia - Allusion

Epitimia - Allusion

Post-Black / Atmospheric Black Metal
For fans of Drudkh, Selbst, Afsky

Epitimia have carved out their own niche within the black metal scene. Their music is riven with heartache, instilled with a sense of separation and isolation. The guitars ascend mountains of longing, fall hopelessly into ravines of despair and the desperate vocals howl against a backdrop of ice and shadows. Epitimia’s sixth album, Allusion, entwines you in emotions so powerful they are inescapable and when its final echoes fade away a sense of otherness persists, holding you apart from the life that was once so comfortable.

Allusion is a pivotal release in Epitimia’s career, with each of the songs being a complete re-imagining of themes from the band’s past. It represents a doorway to their future and a revealing of the true power that has always flowed like a hidden, underground stream through their previous albums.

Misertus - Daydream / Coil / Outland

Misertus - Daydream / Coil / Outland

Post-Black Metal / Blackgaze
For fans of Violet Cold, Harakiri For The Sky, An Autumn For Crippled Children

Over the course of one year, 2019, the man behind the shroud that is Misertus, Tomas, poured out his conflicts and his agonies, his dreams and redemptions and the battlegrounds and common grounds that lie amidst them all, in three glorious, tumultuous, visionary albums. Daydream, Coil and Outland each possess their own characters and stories, their own sounds and textures, but they are inextricably linked, undeniably born from the same post black metal flame. Daydream brings us the hooks, the spaces, the light and shade of ‘Fragility’, the brittle fury of ‘Waterfalls’...and ‘Outward’, like standing in a rainfall of broken dreams, their shards tumbling from the heavens. Coil opens in an uplifting, shimmering sunrise over snow capped mountains, with ice in the air. Beautiful, natural melodies flow over underlying currents of melancholy, a juxtaposition of hope and sadness forming perfect harmonies, magical counterpoints. The gentle peace of ‘Pause’ a beautiful moment when the howling banshee voice is silent, left screaming within the heart of the maelstrom. With Outland we dive wholly into the world of dreams, our mind and soul laid bare, all our triumphs and adversities captured in the swelling of sound, the glorious thunder and power of ‘Blue Spirits’ and the intensely emotional, transforming finale of ‘Aether (A Distant Ember)’. Together these stunning albums are more than the sum of their parts. Together is how they always should have been. Together is how they are.

Never before available in any physical format, Onism Productions have made Daydream, Coil and Outland one; in a matte finish, eight panel, three CD digi-pack. Including for the first time the three poems which were adapted to create the lyrics of this trilogy, this is the ultimate representation of Misertus’ year of supreme creativity. Overpowering yet intimate, celebratory yet heart rending, this is the music of the universe, the sound of wishes and anguish entwined.

Lord Orots - Conquering the Infinite Void

Lord Orots - Conquering the Infinite Void

Amtmospheric Black Metal / Dungeon Synth
For fans of Summoning, Lustre, Eldamar

With Conquering The Infinite Void, Lord Orots invites us into his dreams and we accompany him as he wanders an endless world of hope, promise, fear and danger. The visions of Lord Orot’s dreams are brought to stunning, vivid life through four epic tracks that entwine atmospheric black metal, immersive ambient textures and the cold illusions of dungeon synth. Harsher and more dynamic than the Latzineko Erresumaren Itzulera album, in which Lord Orots revealed to us the cursed world of Latzine, Conquering The Infinite Void expands the boundaries of this remarkable recording project. However the two albums remain inextricably linked, as on the fourth and final track of Conquering The Infinite Void, ‘The Lord Rises From His Throne’, Lord Orots returns to the waking world once more, with percussive echoes of Latzineko Erresumaren Itzulera. This is a grand, musical fantasy but one which creates an intimate connection with the character of Lord Orots, drawing the listener into the mysterious existence of this solitary figure.

Presented in the evocative artwork of Joan Llopis Doménech (Sojourner, Lustre, Ruadh), Conquering The Infinite Void possesses its own unique character that will delight existing fans of Lord Orots and his slumbers, while opening up this magical world to new listeners as well. Onism Productions will reveal the gateway to Lord Orots’ realm on August 7th and an unforgettable journey awaits.

Amherawdr - Adorned With the Figures of Snakes

Amherawdr - Adorned With the Figures of Snakes

Atmospheric & Progressive Black Metal
For fans of Fen, Negura Bunget, Primordial

Amherawdr formed in Devon with the intention of writing heartfelt black metal music inspired by the bleak romance and mysticism of ancient Britain. A handful of songs known as The Hidden Valley sessions were composed that most likely will not see the light of day, but this creative period culminated in 2010 with the writing of 'Adorned with the Figures of Snakes', the definitive statement of that original potent intent. Recording of this album was almost completed the following year, but internal differences resulted in an amicable decline that left the band moribund. Winds change, seasons turn, dust gathers.

After a decade in the shadows, this sonic portrait of the heart of old Dumnonia is now given the release it so thoroughly deserves. 'Adorned with the Figures of Snakes' is available for pre-order on limited edition 6-panel digipack and through all digital channels now.

The band 'as was' is certainly dead and buried, but none can say whether Amherawdr may not one day give voice again.